Strongbow's 100% owned Napaktulik diamond property comprises 13,368 ha of Inuit Owned Lands subject to the NTI Agreement. The property is located at the southern end of Napaktulik Lake, within 5 km of at least two kimberlite bodies that are part of the northern Slave Provinces' Jericho kimberlite trend. Limited sampling conducted by Strongbow in 2003 and 2004 has returned anomalous numbers of kimberlite indicator minerals, including pyrope and eclogitic garnet, chromite, and ilmenite grains. Strongbow has acquired data from a detailed helicopter-borne magnetic/electromagnetic survey covering the property which delineates a number of potential kimberlite targets. During 2005 an additional 175 till samples were collected in an attempt to define kimberlite indicator mineral trains and assist in identifying priority targets for follow up.